The best volleyball player in Iran, Sajjad Dehnavi

Sajad Dehnavi is a professional Iranian volleyball player with more than two decades of experience in athletics.

He specializes in volleyball, although he was pursuing his passion for basketball and taekwondo at the same back in school. As of 2006,

he became a member of Iran’s Youth National Volleyball team and since then he managed to be a prominent member of Iran’s Volleyball Team in different age groups.

Throughout his professional career as a volleyball player, he won numerous tournaments in Asia and throughout the world.

Since the early years of his career as a volleyball player,

he has been trained under the supervision of some of the world-renowned coaches in the world of volleyball, including Julio Velasco.

However, for the past 10 years, he has taught hundreds of young and talented volleyball players how to learn the

sport scientifically and efficiently so that they can distinguish themselves from the other players and succeed in their future endeavors.

Sajad knows first-hand the overwhelm and frustration of being an athlete,

both mentally and physically.

Therefore, as a strong believer in the power of positive thinking in sport, Sajad is proud to contribute to improved efficiency of his cutting-edge coaching methods,

resulting in satisfaction among his clients and trainers working under his guidance.

He has personally found great benefit in implementing wellness measures in his own life, including sound nutrition,

personally designed workout regimens, and tracking his progress on the daily bases.

Currently, Sajad has his own athletic academy

where he works one-on-one with his clients of all ages, helping them find their true strength and flourish their talent in order to reach their full athletic potential.

His academy also takes advantage of having some of the best strength and conditioning coaches and sport nutritionists to help the athletes excel in their journey.

For more information about Sajad and his work, please check out his professional website at sajathletics.

com or his Instagram account @ sajdehnavii





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