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I heard Jacob Fleming’s “Know Me” and I was instantly captivated by the danceable upbeat tempo and swirling guitars. The harmonious backup vocals, also provided by Jacob, were so uplifting and added a “next level” feel to the production. Many tracks of the 70s and 80s, like David Foster and his endless hits, had this slow build of harmonies and the build of the beat in sync with the vocals, and I found this to be professionally and musically mature and this track just has an outstanding feel. We want to know more, much more about Jacob Fleming.

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“Me and my friend and collaborator Ray Aley decided to write a big, dramatic, lovesick pop song with as many glitchy guitar leads as synths.” shared Fleming. “It’s a bitter and headstrong take on a dying relationship. The lyrics are reminiscent of some tracks off of Olivia Rodrigo’s ‘Sour,’ with the instrumental closer to Porter Robinson and Holly Humberstone.”

Fleming has come a long way since being a grocery bagger at Publix.  Reaching for a guitar and a notebook at the age of 7, his journey has been one full of growth. He started playing on the local scene in 2015 in Tampa, Florida where he attracted a devoted following over several years with solo and band gigs.

He continued to hone his distinctive voice and sound and moved to Nashville in 2018. With a discography full of indie rock that touches people’s hearts and makes them want to dance.  I am confident we will be hearing much more from Jacob Fleming, including sharing stages with musicians like John Meyer.   

Listen to Jaco Fleming:

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