Characteristics of a good singer from the point of view of Mehdi Farzi, a popular Iranian singer and musician

Mehdi Farzi: A good singer should have these characteristics
It may be said that anyone can be a singer at a glance, but with a little reflection on the success of some of today’s pop singers, it can be concluded that singing requires a special skill in addition to being a divine gift.

Hearing and hearing enhancement
To be a good reader, we must first be a good listener. Listening to music professionally is very complicated

This is a characteristic of a skilled lawyer (singer) who can understand his voice (not to mention that in addition to hearing our voices through sound waves in the air, we receive them through the bones of the head and jaw.

Feel uncomfortable with recording our voice or say it does not concern us). A good singer is someone who knows enough about the bass voice and the color and tonality of his voice.

Sew and accompany and understand the distances of the music
In my opinion, one of the instinctive characteristics of a human being is to know the initial note of the step (or so-called traditional music), which is called step for short.

The most important factor that distinguishes a good reader from a normal reader is reading.
You may have heard the word flash.

Flash means reading incorrectly…. In fact, scientifically, a fallacy occurs when the reader loses his or her voice level and is unable to get the desired frequency out of his or her larynx.

Or to put it more simply, when the pitch of the sound is out of the reader’s hands and the reader reads a little higher or lower, it is said that he is reading the flash.

Most readers do not have a general forgery, but some words may be forged in a specific melodic sequence.

Perform the rhythm correctly and understand the time

• Another key point to consider when categorizing singers is maintaining rhythm.
Some singers, despite having good sound and tuning, have problems with timing and are so-called bits.

Therefore, not losing the multiplication head is one of the points that the reader should observe.

I think this is also a divine and inherent factor, the easiest way to understand this: in a ceremony of joy or mourning, those who shake hands (or give breasts) in unison with other people are easily recognizable.

This gets better with practice over time.
So a professional singer never misses a beat anywhere in the song, even when syncopated or anti-beat.





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