Dr. Kermani speaks in an interview with drkermanidiet followers thats  , Thyroid and weight

Dr. Kermani speaks in an interview with drkermanidiet followers thats The thyroid gland is responsible for regulating the rate of metabolism in the human body. Dr.Mohammad AL-Kermani assumes that the influence of hypothyroidism on obesity in each person is not likely to exceed 5% of overweight. However, unhealthy eating habit is still the number-one cause of obesity. In the case of hypothyroidism, the rate of metabolism drops, but the rate of weight growth is limited to 2-5 kg and not more, and this accumulation in most of this overweight is kept in the body as water and salt.

When starting therapy with thyroid medication, the patient witnesses that they are losing more than 2-5 kilograms of stored water and salts, and the rest of the fats have a nutritional origin. Following a healthy diet and a routine exercise program will alleviate these fats.

Dr.Kermani also indicates that hyperthyroidism causes rapid weight loss, whereas some people use thyroxine hormones to lose weight simultaneously, but this imbalance in thyroid activity leads to muscle mass burning, not fats, which is not what the patient requires.

Thyroxine does not help lose weight and relieve obesity, but healthy eating habits are the main causes of weight change, and a healthy lifestyle is the best way to become fit.





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