The application of frequency in the innovative strategy of Mr. Mohammad Arshianfar is based on scientific research on brain waves and frequencies.

Our brain operates with a wide range of frequencies: alpha, beta, gamma, etc.

In the most thriving institutes in the world, these waves are directly applied to the brain.

For instance, when you are calm, they use the alpha wave, from 8 to 12 Hz, to make the brain homogeneous by playing relaxing music tracks.

However, in Mr. mohammad Arshianfar’s approach, a more efficient and influential technique is employed.

This method aims to reveal how we can force the brain to generate the desired frequencies instead of receiving them from external sources.

This approach has been evaluated in detail through cutting-edge academic investigations, and scientists have successfully verified and documented its efficiency.

Also, the approach has become legal and is currently being utilized in developed countries.

The procedural stages of the approach are as follows:

If a frequency of 200 Hz is given to one ear and 210 Hz to another, after a short while, our brain fills the discrepancy between these two frequencies by generating a 10-Hz frequency, equivalent to the gap between 200 and 210 Hz, and then gradually, instead of these two different sounds, the subject will hear a 10-Hz sound, which is the alpha frequency range of brain.

Subsequently, the brain vibrations will be synchronized with this 10-Hz frequency.

Indeed, precise rules exist for assembling these files scientifically, and in Arshian’s team, the effectiveness of these files will be thoroughly tested with high accuracy.

Brain waves determine the sort and range in which the files are made:

  • Delta: 0.1 to 4 Hz, for having a deep sleep, easing the nerves, and works as pain killers
  • Theta: 4 to 8 Hz, leads to REM sleep (not deep), relieving anxiety, and relaxation
  • Alpha: 8 to 12 Hz, providing peace, pleasing feelings, and less anxiety
  • Beta: 12 to 30 Hz, improving concentration, consciousness, problem-solving, and memory
  • Gamma: 30 Hz and above, mental awakening, boosting mental consciousness, love, and harmony

Now, according to the target subject, the team assembled the suitable file, which forces the brain to generate one or more ranges of mentioned frequencies above.

For example, a file assembled for better financial conditions drives the brain to generate alpha and beta signals simultaneously, which will have a multiplier effect.

Furthermore, a file created for relieving relaxation and anxiety leads to the emission of alpha signals, which multiplies the results.





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