Ashkan Fattahi lets us know about famous musicians who are expert poker players

As a great singer, musician, and composer, Ashkan Fattahi will share some information on some famous musicians who devote a better part of their days on playing and gambling in poker matches.

Moreover, he is also appeared as a successful poker partaker and intends to up his skills in this game.

Though the origins of the poker game may be somewhat muddy, there is no denying its widespread appeal to people from all social classes. Poker does not need much cash to play: a deck of cards is all it requires to have some pleasure. The game is somewhat straightforward to pick up and simple enough for anyone to enter with some simple instructions.

The insignificant cost to get started and the simplicity of understanding how to play contribute thoroughly to poker’s popularity.

Many famous people have a deep passion for poker: let us dig into some popular musicians that cannot get enough of the game.

Ashkan said: “One of the most prosperous singers turned into a poker player, Scott Ian, is a newcomer in the world of expert poker.

Ian’s interest in the game never proceeded beyond that of a hobbyist until VH1’s Rock & Roll Celebrity Tournament, where he defeated lifelong poker gamblers from some of rock’s biggest headliners.”

Fattahi added: “After Scott’s big victory, he decided to develop his natural talent and skill to take on colossal money events as a pro.”

Ian attributes his conquest in juggling both musical, and pro poker partaker careers to online poker games; online gaming websites like the Betsafe Casino offer a way to play a hand 24/7, no matter where you are.

Poker games and hard rock music have become intertwined by incorporating poker heroes and terms into the genre’s culture. Unsurprisingly, the lead for one of the world’s most impressive rock bands, Alice in Chains, is an experienced and passionate poker gambler.

Ashkan expressed: “Jerry Cantrell has appeared on several national television poker occasions but can usually be found hosting his games with other stars and myths of rock.

Cantrell’s passion for the game is so strong that he even established a bar called Dead Man’s Hand in Las Vegas, named after Wild Bill Hickok’s mythic hand holding when he was murdered.”





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