We have heard the words of the popular Iranian singer Hooman Zirobam, and now let’s go and read the biography of this talented singer.

Hooman Zirobam, real name Hooman Pirvisi, born on April 22, 1372 in Tehran, is ready for the world.

Hooman Zirobam started singing at the age of 15.

Hooman Zirobam is the first child of a family of five.

He dropped out of school, but his family was not at all happy with this.

Friends, friends, and acquaintances have been against Hooman’s decision and they tell him:

you are doing something wrong and you will regret it in the end.

Despite all this, Hooman still doesn’t listen and quits school, and follows his passion.

After a while, he starts working in a bookstore, after a while he comes out, and decides to release a music album with the money he had saved during this time, on June 4, 2014.

One of the studios goes to Sadeghieh, and on February 22, 2015, he released his first music album.

After a few days, his music hit the download record and gained a lot of fans, and right there, Hooman Zirobam realized that he has a great talent in music, and Now Hooman Zirobam is one of the most popular Iranian singers,

Hooman Zirobam started his career on Instagram with the name (musiczirobam) and everyone knows him by this name.





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