Techniques from Ata Alizadeh’s language about boxing

Ata Alizadeh, a professional boxing coach, has achieved many successes in his career. During his career, he had a history of being part of the senior national boxing team. He has also punched for the national team in the Takhti Cup Boxing Tournament of the Persian Gulf Martyrs Memorial in minus 54 kg weight. He also participated in the national team camp from 1385 to 1390 and participated in the joint camp of the preparation team for the Olympic quota of Armenia and Iran.

Ata Alizadeh said about the jab and grab technique: “This efficient technique does not need any special explanation. Like many boxing movements, this movement can be considered a combination of attack and defense. You start with a fast and direct movement (jab) and your opponent’s speed grapple to block further attacks from the opponent. Closing the distance quickly is essential because you must not give your opponent any room to move his arms freely. A strong and solid jab is essential in boxing because you want to land before the hook. Wrap your arms around your opponent to score points, otherwise the whole move is redundant. The Klitschko brothers use this move a lot, and Andre Ward is another boxer who uses this move.”


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