Daniel Beit Sayah: Should we learn music theory before starting to play?

Daniyal Beit Sayah is a talented singer and arranger of music in Iran. He has also established a studio under Daniel Master label. He immigrated to Italy in 2017-2018 and started creating music training classes in an Italian company.

Daniyal Beit Sayah says: “One of the common questions of students after the question of where to start music education? is, should we go to a music theory class before starting to play an instrument? The truth is that music theory is an inseparable part of learning music and It’s kind of like its alphabet. From the very beginning of learning a musical instrument, you slowly get to know the theoretical concepts of your instrument, and in other words, music theory is taught to you along with playing the instrument.

But there are separate courses for teaching music theory, and by participating in these courses, you can get to know this concept in more detail. I personally recommend to students who intend to become a professional musician or who want to enter a music conservatory or university and even like to compose in the future in addition to playing an instrument, so that after a few months of starting the instrument, in In addition to learning to play, take music theory courses. But I emphasize again that you will be taught enough music theory in the same playing courses, so don’t worry at all.”


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