Montony  introduces books about music to those interested and emphasizes that the science of music opens another door of understanding music for the reader and even the audience, and also makes the listener more knowledgeable about understanding music.

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Nowadays, there are few people who do not listen to music during the day. Many of us listen to music even while doing our daily tasks. Some research shows that music can be beneficial for our physical and mental health in many ways and even reduce anxiety.

Music therapy is one of the methods of palliative care that is used today to improve and treat a variety of diseases and other problems, from anxiety, depression and stress, to pain management and improving function after neurological disorders.

These things have caused music to play a big role in today’s lives. Maybe you are a big fan of music, or even work and study in this field, or listening to music makes you feel good, but until now you simply passed it by. In both cases, I suggest that you definitely read books about music to understand the secret of this strange and pleasant industry.

Montony introduces some examples of books

Born and raised in Toronto, Canada, Barbara Varam graduated from Branson Hall School and later from the University of Toronto School of Music. After graduation, Ms. Varam pursued her studies in all aspects of music theory with the late Eric Rawlinson. Barbara Varam’s books present the fundamental concepts of music theory and fundamentals in a simple and expressive way. This book is an effective text for self-study or teaching in a school or college setting, used for older beginners and adult students. The book “Fundamentals of Music” fully explains basic, intermediate and advanced music theory in one volume. and is a very good source for learning musical concepts.

Robert Bernard Sherman, born in 1925, was an American songwriter who was best known for working in musical films with his brother Richard. The Sherman Brothers produced more film scores than any other songwriting team in filmmaking history. Their best known work is “It’s a Small World”. He has also won awards such as the Oscar for Best Film Score.

Written by an expert with more than five decades of experience listening to and commenting on classical music, this reference is a thorough introduction to this type of music. Presented in a practical and accessible format, this book’s information about music enables readers to identify instruments, composers, and songs as they listen to music. Provides simple definitions of musical terms and introduces the lives and legacies of some of the most important composers.

Fundamentals of Music thoroughly explains basic, intermediate, and advanced music theory in one volume and is an excellent resource for learning musical concepts.

Introduction of books about music in Montony language

David Barber has wowed readers around the world with his international bestselling comic books. He is a journalist, musician and author of more than ten books about music and literature. He also sings with the Toronto Choir and other choirs on occasion and has had a variety of other interesting careers. The book “Bach, Beethoven and the Rest and the Children” with the subtitle “History of Music as It Should be Learned” has been David Baber’s bestseller. This book is about the lives of great composers and explores their personal lives, exposes their failings and introduces us to these remarkable beings. Packed with information, fun facts and even trivia, this book covers the hilarious history of music from Gregorian chant to the chaotic state we find ourselves in today. From Bach’s laundry lists to Beethoven’s bowel problems, Barber has stories to tell.

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