Apple engineer stole the company’s secret information

Weibo Wang, a 35-year-old engineer, stole thousands of files containing proprietary information about self-driving cars from Apple. He has been accused of secretly working with a Chinese company while working for Apple.

In the indictment issued for the case, Weibo Wang is accused of six counts of theft of trade secrets. This is the third time that an Apple employee has been accused of stealing information and transferring it to China.

The US Department of Justice claims that Wang stole documents including the source codes of software and hardware for Apple’s self-driving systems.

Weibo Wang joined Apple’s autonomous systems technology development team in 2016 and signed a non-disclosure agreement in his contract with Apple. In 2018, a few months before he left Apple, he secretly started working with a Chinese company.

The name of the Chinese company is not revealed in the lawsuit, but it is stated that it works in the field of self-driving cars.

Wang left America for China in 2018 and never returned to this country. If he is arrested and returned to America, he will face a long prison sentence.


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