Algeria’s foreign trade surplus of 3.5 billion dollars

According to Al-Mayadin, “Tayeb Zaytouni”, the Minister of Commerce of Algeria, says that the country’s trade balance has reached a surplus of 3.5 billion dollars in the first four months of this year.

These words were announced at the hearing of the Commission for Economic Affairs, Development, Industry, Trade and Planning in the National Council of Algeria, chaired by Kamal Belkhader, the chairman of the meeting, in the presence of “Basme Azour”, the Minister of Relations with the Parliament and a number of members of this ministry.

The Algerian Minister of Commerce also announced the value of imports from January to April of this year at 13 billion 890 million dollars and the amount of exports during the same period at 17 billion 390 million dollars with 3.5 billion dollars of added value surplus.

Zaitouni added: Non-hydrocarbon exports amounted to 1.7 billion dollars in the first four months of 2023, and he is trying to increase the amount of oil and hydrocarbon exports and reach the target set by President Abdul Majid Taboun, i.e. 13 billion dollars, by the end of the year. to be achieved in 2023.





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