Mohammed Bin Salman is going to France today

The Saudi Arabian news agency announced that Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman will leave for France today for an official visit, during which he will meet with the country’s President Emmanuel Macron.

According to Al-Youm poll, Mohammed bin Salman will also participate in Saudi Arabia’s official party to accept Riyadh’s bid to host Expo 2030, which will be held in Paris on June 19.

French sources announced that in addition to mutual meetings, there will be continuous consultations between Macron and Mohammed bin Salman on many bilateral issues, as Saudi Arabia and France have a strategic partnership in addition to regional and energy issues.

This is the second visit of Mohammed bin Salman to France in less than a year. He last met with Macron in Paris in July 2022.

Last March, Macron and bin Salman discussed strengthening cooperation in the fields of defense and energy.


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