Bayern star Ronaldo couple in Saudi Arabia

Saudi journalist Sultan Al-Otaibi announced that Al-Nasr Club has entered into negotiations with Bayern Munich to recruit the Muslim star Sadio Mane.

Previously, Sadio Mane was in Gerrard’s footsteps to be transferred to the Saudi Al-Fatifa Club, but the legend of Liverpool did not reach an agreement with the Saudis at the last stage, so this transfer was canceled.

Al-Nasr, which has the Portuguese superstar Cristiano Ronaldo, wants to increase its attack line by recruiting Sadio Mane so that it can compete with other powerful teams in the next season.

The Saudi League has recruited great players in the summer transfers. Ittihad signed Karim Benzema and Kante last month. Al-Hilal recruited Coulibaly and Nous. Al-Ahly also hunted Liverpool’s Brazilian star Firminho.


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