The most beautiful hand-drawn animations in the history of cinema

With the release of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs in 1937, Walt Disney created a huge revolution in the animation industry and ended doubts about whether animations could be made into feature films. “Snow White” achieved many commercial and critical successes and sent the message to the world that animated films are now present in the cinema industry and are not going anywhere.

Since then, the animation industry has grown significantly and millions of people around the world are eager to watch the latest works of this genre; So that the biggest film production companies included the regular production of animation in their work schedule. However, these days most of the animations are designed by computer and it has been a long time since we moved away from the manual drawing of characters.

In recent years, few animated films were made in the traditional way, and due to the visual beauty of these works, many cinema friends are upset about the fading of this form of filmmaking and are doing their best to revive the traditional methods. In this article, we review some of the most eye-catching animations in the history of cinema, which were designed by hand, in order to take a small step in the direction of paying attention to the traditional ways of animation in addition to visual pleasure.


Disney faced a lot of pressure to continue the path it had started with Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Fortunately, with the release of Pinocchio as his second animated film, he not only fulfilled all his promises but also became known as the undisputed emperor of the box office. In Pinocchio, many innovations were made, among them, the use of multi-plane camera, which led to amazing dimensions.

It is difficult to talk about the beauty of this animation, so that the design of no character is superior to the other, and for this reason, all the characters, from Pinocchio and Geppetto’s father to the kind angel, remained forever in the history of cinema and the memory of many generations. Also, Pinocchio has some eerie scenes that convey the sense of fear well due to the detailed and perfect hand drawing.

Pinocchio is full of amazing details, and thanks to the efforts of the animators, something as simple as opening a window at night looks real and beautiful; To understand this detail, pay attention to the reflection of the moonlight on the faces of the characters, a detail that is not observed in many modern and expensive animations today.

Although it has been more than 80 years since Pinocchio was released in cinemas, many experts still believe that Pinocchio is one of the brilliant and standard Disney animations, which is not far from expectations considering the elegance and visual beauty of this film.


The classic piece The Sorcerer’s Apprentice by Paul Duca is one of the most famous pieces of music in the film, and during its playing, we get to know Mickey Mouse as one of the iconic Disney characters. Each sequence is worthy and appreciable in its own way, and by combining a collection of unique styles, a masterpiece called Fantasia is created, which is one of the most breathtaking animation experiences of your entire life.

Countless styles and techniques used in fantasy; From the film’s avant-garde opening to Disney’s more traditional style in “Dance of the Hours” and its more realistic approach in “The Rite of Spring” and of course the mesmerizing nature of “Night on Stone Mountain.” Almost every moment of Fantasia is unique in its animation style.

Sleeping Beauty

While Disney films followed a relatively fixed style and format, the release of a film from Disney’s classic animated series brought about a massive change in the studio’s usual approach; Sleeping Beauty produced in 1959. This was largely due to the efforts of Eyvind Earle as animator, whose unique background paintings contrasted significantly with Disney’s previous work.

Meanwhile, Eivind Earl left the Disney studio before the release of Sleeping Beauty, and it seemed that he had lost the fight with this company, but it soon became clear that he was not only the winner of the field, but his unique style and style in design led to One of the special and eye-catching animations in the world was made.


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