Mehdi Karami said about music talent programs

Talent contests offer brilliant opportunities for fame as a singer. If you think you’ve gained enough experience to win and you’ve had honest, positive feedback about your ability, you might be ready to join.

Mehdi Karami, real name Mehdi Karami Vahedi, born on January 14, 1981, is an Iranian singer.

Become a famous singer using social media

Many singers, bloggers and artists have entered this big industry through virtual space, and many have succeeded and their art has earned a lot of income, but how? First, you should acquire the talent and art, work on it and gain a lot of experience in this field, create several accounts in different places and show your voice art to the people by planning and be responsive to their feedback. Keep going forward. Here is a solution to the questions of how to become a famous singer? How to become a good pop or rap singer? find.

Become a famous singer at a young age

You are in a great position to start your career as a singer. If there is talent and art, and if you are a teenager, you will probably impress many with your voice. You can show confidence and a great voice, as well as your potential for improvement. Participating in other fields such as acting, dancing or modeling can help you gain confidence on stage and on camera.





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