One thousand flights in Italy and Belgium were canceled due to strikes

Strikes by airline and airport workers grounded hundreds of flights and stranded thousands of travelers in Europe at the height of the tourist season, according to AFP.

According to the announcement of airlines and airports, in Italy, about 1,000 domestic and international flights were canceled as a result of the flight crew strike.

Another 120 flights were canceled at Belgium’s Charlevoix airport on Saturday and Sunday due to a strike by Ryanair pilots.

The strike in Italy alone trapped 250,000 travelers in one of the world’s top tourist destinations. This is happening while the temperature has stagnated and has been recorded by the National Weather Service as one of the most unusual temperatures on record. Temperatures of at least 40 degrees Celsius were recorded in Rome and 48 degrees in the islands of Sicily and Sardinia.
The strike of the crew, who want a new 6-year contract after the expiration of their previous contract, will continue for another hour.

Italian officials announced that Rome airport alone had to cancel 200 flights.

Milan airports also canceled around 150 flights, while dozens more were grounded in Turin and Palermo.

Italian Transport Minister Matteo Salvini called on the strikers to make the right decision before harming millions more workers and tourists.


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