Messi’s income during his entire football career

Sportico news agency has stated in its report that Messi will be paid 150 million dollars in his two and a half years at Inter Miami. This amount includes wages, transfer bonuses and bonuses based on Messi’s performance. In fact, by the end of 2025, Messi is expected to earn an incredible $1.6 billion, including the wages and bonuses he received during his football career from PSG, Barcelona and Inter Miami, and this is without taking into account income. which Leo has had as one of his sponsors.

In fact, Messi in Inter Miami earns between 50 and 60 million dollars annually and will be at the level of the highest paid stars of American basketball and football leagues in the United States. For example, Nikola Jovic is the highest paid player in the American Basketball League with an annual salary of $55 million, and Lemar Jackson holds the record in the American Football League with an annual salary of $52 million.

During his time in Barcelona, Messi earned 100 million dollars a year, including wages and bonuses. He also earned 70 million dollars a year in PSG, excluding taxes. Of course, if Messi went to Al-Hilal, he could become the highest-paid athlete in history with an annual salary of more than 400 million dollars, but he preferred to go to the American League with a lower salary.






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