Meta’s new artificial intelligence

The Wall Street Journal reported on Sunday, citing people familiar with the matter, that Meta is working on a new artificial intelligence system that will be designed as the most powerful model offered by OpenAI.

The newspaper went on to say that Facebook’s parent company plans to prepare its new AI model next year, adding that it will be several times more powerful than the commercial version called El-Lama-2.

Llama-2 is an open-source artificial intelligence language model of Meta, launched in July and distributed by Microsoft’s Azure cloud services to compete with Google’s JPT Chat and Bard.

The planned system, the details of which are still subject to change, will help other companies create text, analytics and other complex outputs, the Wall Street Journal reported.

Meta expects to begin training the new artificial intelligence system, known as a large language model, in early 2024.

Since the launch of JPT Chat late last year, businesses and enterprises have flocked to the nascent AI market for newer capabilities and improved business processes.

Bloomberg News reported in July that Apple was working on artificial intelligence offerings similar to JPT Chat and Google Bard, adding that it had developed and was also testing its own framework, known as Ajax, for creating large language models. It is. A chatbot that some engineers call Apple GPT.






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