The strike of workers of automobile companies in America

For the first time in the history of this country, nearly 12,700 workers who are members of the American Automobile Manufacturers’ Union have implemented nationwide strikes in three major automobile factories to protest their working conditions and low salaries.

According to the “Geo TV” website, this strike was carried out simultaneously by the workers of the famous automobile companies “General Motors”, “Ford” and “Stlantis” in the three states of Missouri, Michigan and Ohio.

Nearly 12,700 workers participated in this strike and demanded a 36% wage increase in four years.

This historic strike resulted in the reaction of US President Joe Biden. He sent aides to these factories to resolve the impasse and demanded that the big three car companies distribute the considerable profits of these factories to their workforce.

Shawn Finn, the president of this union, has adopted the tactics of strikes with the aim of putting maximum pressure on the managers of this industry and taking back the concessions these workers had won in the past decades.

The demands of these protesting workers are rooted in the struggles they started years ago, especially after their wages and benefits were reduced following the 2008 financial crisis.

Although these striking workers are only a part of the total of 150,000 workers who are members of the union, if the automobile companies refuse to raise their wages, the dimensions of the strikes in this sector will expand.

According to the news agency “Reuters”, these strikes will affect the future of this union as well as the American automobile industry, especially considering the important transition of this industry towards electric vehicles. Reuters news agency, citing several experts, further wrote that the expansion of these strikes will endanger the economic growth of the United States.


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