New details of the doping case of the Juventus star and the extortion plot against Pogba

Yesterday, the news was published that the doping test of Paul Pogba, the French midfielder of Juventus, was positive, so as a result, he was suspended from sports for a while.

In an interview with Al Jazeera, Pogba said: “When there is money, you have to be careful.” Money can change people; It can even tear apart a family or cause war.

The former Manchester United star said: “Sometimes I thought to myself that I don’t want to be rich anymore. I don’t want to play anymore, I want to be like normal people so that they love me for me, not for fame and not for money. Sometimes life is hard. That you have to go through. It just makes me stronger than before.”

On Monday, it was also revealed that the French star had retired from football altogether due to blackmail and threats from an organized gang including his brother Mathias. The midfielder filed a complaint with Italian prosecutors last year, claiming he was the target of a 13 million euro blackmail plot.

Mathias Pogba, Paul Pogba’s older brother, has been charged and arrested for conspiring to extort the Juventus midfielder.


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