TikTok’s competition with American online stores

Bloomberg reported that Tik Tok will try to boost its new online marketplace, Tik Tok Shop, by funding heavy discounts for the holiday shopping season that begins on October 27. By subsidizing the 50 percent off, the social video site is reportedly hoping to find a niche among U.S. holiday shoppers, who hit online retailers like Amazon and Walmart every year in November. they get

Bloomberg also went on to write that a TikTok spokesperson has officially confirmed the plans, with official Black Friday deals starting on November 23rd and Virtual Monday deals running from November 28th to November 30th.

The company launched its storefront in the US last week, launching an affiliate program for creators who sell products through videos. The company reportedly hopes to ship $20 billion worth of products worldwide this year, and the holidays will be a big part of that. After all, the US public spent more than $20 billion online during Black Friday and Cyber Monday alone last year.

TikTok is bringing online shopping to its core app through a series of features, hoping to replicate the success of its Asian platforms. More than 150 million TikTok users in the US can now watch videos and live streams with links to purchase items in their feed, giving content creators, brands and merchants the tools to create shoppable content. New features include a store tab where businesses can display their products with payment solutions provided by TikTok. The social media company said it has integrated its shopping service with various third-party platforms such as Shopify, Salesforce and Zendesk.

TikTok’s online marketplace is accessible in countries such as Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, and the United Kingdom.


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