Etymology of the word music from Mehdi Farzi language

Mehdi Farzi said: “The word Music is derived from the Indo-European root of the word Men.
The root of the word music is related to the mind, thought and memory, as well as to the sacred and the thinking being, as well as to inspiration, foreknowledge and surprises, which indicates its connection with time and the supernatural. It has a common root with the word love. It means that it is related to the greatest human emotions. These definitions reflect our understanding of music: music is the art of thinking. Music is a rational, abstract, immaterial art. Music is the art of time (which implies the importance of rhythm), it is a supernatural art (it implies the religious validity and psychological influence of music), and finally, it is the art of expression and representation of love.

The word Rhythm is derived from the Indo-European root word Sreu.
Here is always a common opinion. Roots and derivatives have agreement. Rhythm refers to the wave movement of water. Oscillation of waves in the sea. In its essence, this concept is correlated with movement, with repetitive movement that takes on a new form every time. In other words, an ever-changing reoccurrence; Not in the sense of repeating the primary form, nor in the sense of alternation of primary and secondary forms. but to the concept of “this-sameness” of both forms; The replacement of the first forms – which are always the same as the second forms – and the second forms which always have relationships with the first form. This is a permanent transformation. Just as the waves of the sea are constantly in turmoil and movement, the rhythm is also facing the future with the overlapping of the past and the future, just like time.







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