AVE (formerly A Valiant Effort) have worked diligently over the last year to hone in their sound and new vision. In a transformation to the new, they’ve just premiered the brand new single and music video for “Give In”

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1. Tell Us More About The Band

AVE (A Valiant Effort) is just a group of guys chasing down a goal of being successful in music and quitting our day jobs to live our dreams to the fullest.

2. What is the new material all about?

The new material is about the ever-changing world, and how to deal with the struggles of life and how to stay mentally strong.

We all have our demons, and we all go through a lot. We try to put those feelings with our music.

3. Where are you located?

We are located in Orlando, Florida

4. What goals do you have with the band?

The bands main goal is to reach fans but not only that, but be able to connect with them with them through the music we release. And also, make a living with it!

5. What is upcoming for AVE?

The next things for AVE is another single followed with a music video coming very soon! We plan to mix in more elements in order to be diverse as a unit.

6. Any live events fans can catch you at?

We will perform live again very soon! Right now we are focusing on rebranding and building our presence on our social media.

7. If a new fan were to check you out- what would be your selling point?

Our selling point is that we slap harder than your dad’s belt.

But if not, we just slap. Simple.

8. Any last minute things to talk about?

Keep an eye out for upcoming material, you would not want to miss it! This year we are coming out swinging!






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