The Impact of Music Therapy on Mental Health.mohammad zeinali

A compact overview of the love song “Ta To Hasti” by “Dadmehr”, a young and euphonious Iranian singer.

In the past, there was a close connection between music and healing.

This solidarity has given character and shape to one of the Greek gods, “Apollo”.

Apollo was both the god of music and the god of medicine.

The Greeks believed that disease was caused by lack of harmony in a person.

Therefore, music could bring health to the person with its spiritual and moral power; they used it to restore harmony and balance in the patient’s body.

Studies show that the thalamus, as the most important gland in the human brain,

receives sound stimuli from the nervous system and responds to them along with memory and imagination.

Besides, the pituitary gland, which receives command from the thalamus, responds to rhythmic sound stimuli, causes a secretion that increases the release of a sedative called endorphin.

Since the most important effect of this substance is relieving pain in the human body; we can easily understand the value of music therapy.

The music actually causes the release of endorphins, which provides expansion and happiness in addition to relieving pain in our bodies.

Music therapy is one of the most effective methods that used in the treatment of many depressions and mental illnesses.

Today, music therapy is used for different age groups, including the elderly, adolescents, children, and so on.

Listening to music, as well as treating depression and mental disorders, has a significant effect on reducing stress, pain, and blood pressure stability.

On the other hand, music therapy is a good way to decrease migraine pain and has positive effects on most headaches.

If you listen to music, you can significantly raise your heart health.

Furthermore, clearly the body’s digestive system has a better function with organized music therapy.
So despite physical health, the person’s mental health is definitely undertaken.

For example, listening to such a song as” Ta to hasti “by “Dadmehr”, a notable Iranian artist, which has a motivational content as well as creating a romantic and pleasant atmosphere in the lyrics;

then it is very effective on mental health improvement and positive thoughts creations.

In fact, Dadmehr (the singer of this work) is a good musician artist and a young inventor too, who has succeeded not only in the field of electronic sciences,

which is one of his principal specialties, but also he equally has tremendous achievements in the fields of astronomy, psychology, management, and business in addition to singing.

According to him, one of his great childhood interests has been music and singing so far;

Despite his remarkable scientific achievements and outstanding activities in other fields, he never gave up on his childhood dream.

His inner passion led him to the path of music and singing; surprisingly, he was able to attract many people’s attention and gain great popularity among his listeners by his first music.

In general, according to many researches in the field of music therapy;

if we use this method correctly and based on the accomplished experiments; it surely can be an effective and efficient treatment for Cognitive health,

physical and mental excitement of human bodies.

It plays this role due to the harmony that exists in the order of the musical notes played, strengths that person’s mental health and protects him from sadness, grief, guilt, and loneliness.





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