RobinAugust, An 18-Year-Old Powerhouse


Sliding smoothly in is the gentle guitars and sweet vocals of RobinAugust. It’s an inviting, almost hypnotic, and calming delivery of “Ghost”. But then the mood abruptly changes to the swagger and explosiveness comparable to Janis Joplin or Alanis Morissette. The rise in tempo and fullness of the track has an element of warning that they are pissed, and they only sound calm because they are still in control. It’s a beautiful showing of this artist’s multifaceted talents.

The recorded version has a live performance element that you can tell the artist was definitely intently engaged with the song as if there was a live audience present before them. The sustained power has a slight, yet a substantial movement, that you hear it’s being expelled from a body in motion. This is a really great touch to this angry and jilted lover’s warning that “Well one of these days when you’re hearing my name you’re gonna figure it out” lyrics resonated nicely with me.

A strong collaboration of musicians for this new artist, with Adam Schatz of Japanese Breakfast on saxophone, Steven Bowman of Counting Crows on drums, and Ben Graham of AutoVaughn on bass. Collectively they created a great sound.

RobinAugust is here to stay.  Ghost is a sneak peek at her upcoming album, “Avocado Head” and with this, the songstress is going to make a name for herself. 

RobinAugust’s rep at Cage Riot Music Group stated, “She is a gem, and we see big things coming for her.”

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