2 unknown teams among the Saudi giants!

On Wednesday night, the task of the other two teams promoted to the Saudi Premier League, known as the Roshan League, was determined, so that the promotion case of four teams was closed.

The two teams Al-Hazm and Al-Riyadh, along with Al-Ahli Jeddah and Al-Akhdoud, are the four teams promoted to the Saudi Roshan League. Al-Hazm reached 64 points by defeating Al-Sahel team 3-2 and entered the Premier League by placing in third place.

The Riyadh team also ended their 18-year absence from the Saudi Premier League after finishing fourth with 62 points by defeating a group of Al-Arouba and entered the Roshan League.

The interesting thing is that the Al-Faisali team is in the fifth place of the Saudi League One and did not advance to the Premier League of this country.






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