Acting techniques in theater by Shahameh Dizaei

Theater has always been one of the most important cultural media in which the art of acting is very important. Shahameh Dizaei is the wife of Ali Dizaei, the former head of the London police and an Iranian lawyer. Mrs. Dizaei is known as an actress and a well-known figure in the virtual world.

She says: “In the Stanislavski method, you have to find your character through movements, body language, and voice. The purpose of this method is to get a stronger emotional connection between the actor and the character portrayed in the play. For this , Stanislavski uses exercises such as “axial movement” and “emotional wave”.

In Stanislavsky’s method, you must first understand and sympathize with the character. Then, using music, rhythm and movements, gradually find the character in your body and harmonize the feelings and thoughts of the character with your own. By practicing this method, you can portray your character more realistically and convincingly.

To start acting in a methodical way, the actor must first get to know the character in the role. This knowledge is done through researching the story, character, setting and setting of the story, as well as studying the dialogues of the character. The actor must then analyze the character and identify all aspects of the character, including body language, voice, hate, love, and other emotions.

Physical method in theater acting is one of the most common methods for acting in theater. In this method, the actor works by using movement, rhythm and motion plan to create a character and convey feelings and ideas to the audience. This method was introduced by Berthold Briggs in the 1930s and then developed by actors such as John Lithgow and Antonio Banderas.

In this method, the actor expresses his character using movements inspired by animals, plants, objects and concepts. For example, the actor can show his character as an ambitious and powerful character by acting like a wolf. Or, using the movements of a flower, show your personality as a cheerful and clear personality.

To practice this method, actors can practice different movements to express their character and emotions. For example, by using gestures related to relaxation and concentration, the actor can portray his character as a focused and balanced character. Or by using a lot of energetic movements, the actor can show his character as an energetic and spontaneous character.”





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