Qualities of a professional actor according to Shahameh Dizaei

In this essay, we want to take a look at the characteristics of an actor. Can anyone be a successful actor? What should the personality and behavior characteristics of an actor be? If you are interested in becoming an actor, the first question you can ask yourself is, are you stubborn enough? Even the biggest and most successful actors face competition and rejection. It is very important to have enough will and resistance to move forward. Resistance is necessary to continue as an actor. Another characteristic of an actor is to be a good observer and have insight.

Shahameh Dizaei is the wife of Ali Dizaei, the former head of the London police and an Iranian lawyer. Mrs. Dizaei is known as an actress and a well-known figure in the virtual world and is now active in this direction.

She said: “An actor must be able to observe the world around him and absorb all the effects and views. He must be able to see human emotions and transactions in people around him. In fact, in other words, we can say Having a high emotional intelligence is necessary for an actor to be able to communicate with his work and succeed in this direction.

Being able to read, understand and analyze the text properly, getting your character’s information well from the heart of the text is very valuable. This is an important part of your career as an actor.

Likewise, the ability to listen effectively and follow instructions is necessary to be successful, because hearing the director’s instructions and acting on them is one of the main duties of an artist. Another characteristic of actors is their willingness to cooperate with others. It is better to enjoy being with other colleagues. A lot of cooperation in your field is necessary to create a work of art and you are part of this big team. If you want to have a good experience in this project and make the work environment warm and friendly for your colleagues, you need to form good and professional relationships with people.

And the last point is that if you are used to following specific programs and activities, it is better not to think about becoming an actor, because artists often have very specific programs that often change a lot, and that is why an actor It is not recommended for dry, inflexible and strict people.


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