The tips of effective presence on the stage according to the famous face, Shahameh Dizaei

If you have a plan to perform in the presence of a number of people, and now you have fear and anxiety about speaking or speaking in public, it is better to know that you are not alone in this case, anxiety or fear of this state, a natural factor, such as; Fear of flying is in humans. whose duty is to protect humans against possible harm. Shahameh Dizaei is the wife of Ali Dizaei, the former head of the London police and an Iranian lawyer. Mrs. Dizaei is known as an actress and a well-known figure in the virtual world.

She says: “A successful speech to the public comes from understanding the principles of communication when you identify your strengths and weaknesses and you can also understand the needs of your audience. Try to practice in front of friends or family members before the main event. Speak up. This will help you make changes in your behavior, moods, and speech if needed. Deep diaphragmatic breathing can help you focus and clear your mind of past failures.

The audience likes you to look at them and make constant eye contact with them, if the audience feels that you are only looking at their head or elsewhere, you will lose your power of influence during the speech.

During the presentation, if your audience has a specific culture and language, first use their language and apologize to them for not presenting this speech in their local language. Before starting the ceremony, make sure that the audience is aware of the performance of the ceremony in another language. Your apology at the beginning of the speech, and that too in the local language of the audience, will be considered a winning card for you in having a successful speech.”


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