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  • Labor crisis in Germany

    Labor crisis in Germany

    Considering the aging population in Germany, the German Federal Administration predicted the risk of intensifying the labor crisis for this country in the coming years, even with the import of immigrant labor. “Spiegel” weekly newspaper wrote in an article: Germany is rapidly aging. To compete, companies need more workers from abroad. According to population researchers,…

  • A fire broke out in the capital of Germany

    The German media reports that a huge fire broke out in the center of Berlin, and the smoke from it engulfed the entire surrounding area. According to Kreis 24 reports, the German media published pictures of a massive fire in a car spare parts warehouse in Berlin. This fire happened on Thursday morning in Berlin’s…

  • The expulsion of the ambassador of Chad from Germany

    The government of Chad complained about the rude behavior of the German ambassador and expelled him but was lack of understanding in Berlin.