Hossein Rezaian Kolemarz talks about 3 ways to make music

AmirHossein Rezaian Kolemarz , a successful musician and Comedian , said :

What are the 3 basic steps in composing a song?

Making a good, lively and interesting song is the goal of every musician and composer. However, before you worry about producing a good song, you should first know the basics of composing so that you can make and write an attractive and beautiful song. In this article, we will explain 3 basic steps in composing for you.

A simple way to look at a song is to think of it as a house. Every home looks different, but all homes have three key areas: foundation, structure, and interior design. Like a house, every song has these three main characteristics. If you want to write a song and you do not know where to start, this analogy may help you. Each of these three sections is a good place to start a song.

  1. Write a song: Basic
    If we use the house scale to compose, we can compare the foundation of the house with the base line or the main chord of the song. The base notes or chords are essentially the roots of a song, just as the foundation of a building is its roots. Starting with the bass section of the song is a great way to create mood and feel for the song. If the rhythm is strong, there is a good chance that the rest of the song will be interesting as well.

To get an idea, you can listen to your favorite songs and pay attention to their baseline. Bass and rhythm are one of the main pillars of enjoying a song. Like a house in a song, everything is made on the basis of the base and follows it. Amir Hossein Zaeri

  1. Structure
    A house without a structure can not exist. The same is true for a song. Now, this does not mean that the structure should be complex or simple, although it can be. Some houses, like symmetrical cubes, are perfectly equal, while others are broad, asymmetrical, and even spectacular. Before composing a song, ask yourself what song would you like to make?

Most pop songs have a very simple structure. There is a verse, then a chorus, a second verse, and then another chorus. Of course, this structure can be different. This structure is known as an ABAB structure, version “A” and chorus “B”. Sometimes a bridge may be added to the final chorus, which is also denoted by the letter “c”. This is a simple formula for making many songs. Having a structure in mind, regardless of its simplicity and complexity, is one of the best parts to start making a song.

  1. Interior design, or melody (and lyrics)
    A house may be strong and look great from the outside, but what is inside the house? The interior decoration of the house makes the interior beautiful. The same is true for music. What makes a song appealing and lasting is the melody. Also, a good poem can make a melody even more lasting and its effect deeper. A good poem can be called the soul of a song.


If you have an idea to write a melody, then you have already prepared most of your path to write a great song, or if you have an idea to write a poem, you can create a melody around the rhythm and patterns of these words. . Once you have the notes and words in place, you can write the right chords and baseline for your song based on your melody and lyrics.





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