AGAT, ‘With The Incrowd’ exposes the deep feelings of her generation


AGAT released her new album, With the Incrowd, this year and you know what? It’s hard to put your finger on what genre this would slot into. I don’t think anyone can really label it, but to be honest, that’s what’s so great about it.

She takes hints from several different genres, puts them in a blender, and leaves the blender on for about 10 decades until the contents of the blender are unrecognisable, and that’s what this album sounds like. AGAT clearly has a very impressive imagination; she puts together some of the heaviest and fuzziest bass sounds I’ve heard with some fascinating electronic string arrangements, creating a sonic experience that any listener will struggle to forget. This style somewhat reminds me of the music duo Jockstrap, who take on a similar approach to making music.

AGAT can collaborate superbly with other artists, as all four collabs on this album are amazing. Wait For Me features American rapper ZeelooperZ, whose unique and interesting rapping style on top of an impactful drumbeat really suits the song. Plastic Bags Against The Crown starts with yet another inventive sound; clapping. Gido features on this song with some rapping at the beginning, as the clapping continues. The use of the claps, along with the spooky piano sound, makes it feel like you’re in a circle of people in a dimly lit room. This is just one example of AGAT’s ability to create an unusual atmosphere with her music.

Her vocal style is also hard to pinpoint, as it differs so much throughout the album. During Incrowd, AGAT creates a threatening, dark atmosphere with her moody, talking-style vocals. But later in the song, you can hear the passion and depth in her voice as she sings louder and more tunefully. Liar shows us the softer side of her vocal range as she quietly sings lyrics of self-depreciation. Her various vocal styles do an excellent job of keeping the listener on their toes throughout the album.

This album is a mind-blowing, experimental exploration of music and various sounds, taking the listener on a journey through several moods and atmospheres. It’s a must-hear.






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