Explanation of Mixing and Mastering from Mehdi Moslehi:

The first step after recording the sounds is mixing. As mentioned, after recording the lines, our song is very irregular and does not have a good dynamic (summary as a crowded Pollagah).

Our goal at this stage is to regulate the lines. In the mixing phase, we are going to remove all the lines and fix their flaws. Mehdi Moslehi

In addition, with our art and using the plugins we have, let’s get the best sound possible by performing a variety of processing and effects on the lines.

In fact, our lines, and the hardware and software we use for mixing, have the tools of our work. Just as the architect needs an artistic design for his arrangement, the Mixing process is a combination of art and knowledge. That is, while we build a solid building, we must also consider its beauty.

The lines are supposed to shine at this end and everyone together will make the best possible sound. From the sound of its monitoring speaker, to the small speaker of mobile phones and large -scale party speakers. It doesn’t matter, we need to prepare and prepare our song for all audio systems.

The term mastering is derived from the word copy. All versions of the song are taken from the exit mastering channel.

These versions can now be released in the form of Weinyl (VINYL DISS), CDs and DVDs, or in music services such as Spatifa, Sandklod or ITS.





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