Amin RZ opinion about music:

Music is in the heart of humans, and humans are very different from each other, and there are many differences of opinion on what is music or what is not music.

If we are sure that we will get a clear and definite answer about this, it should be said that the expectation is misplaced.

If we want to rely on people’s views to reach an answer, we will see that many of the best music and valuable pieces of music will be removed from the “music list” and will join the jirga of “ear-scratching and annoying sounds”!

Some people accept any pleasant piece regardless of its specific style and enjoy listening to it, and some people only enjoy listening to certain styles of music and may sometimes blame other styles or fans of other styles!

As if they answered the question “What is music?” or “What is not music?” have reached and others have not been able to! And these people are definitely proud of themselves because they have found something that others have been unable to find!






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