How to become a successful manager? Description of Sadraddin Eslami, a successful Iranian entrepreneur

There must be a reason why large businesses spend a lot of time and money hiring new people. So before sending new hires to new posts, first let them know how they work so that they can perform better and shine in their work. Before doing anything on the team, make sure that the processes that affect your team are optimized. With these processes in place, you can create a step-by-step flow of what your team needs to do. You can use charts, sentences, and anything else that can minimize your team workflow inefficiencies.

Take the time and effort to complete each step, so you can improve gaps, bottlenecks, or skill issues. The point to consider here is to delegate this task to people who are proficient in an area or leadership/managerial position. This will help your team keep up with new processes and improve their skills to improve their work.

A good manager is one of the keys to the successful performance of an efficient team; but this is not the only factor that makes a team successful. An individual can never lead a team to success alone, but active interactions between teams, optimized processes, structured interactions, and sufficient time and awareness thinking can ensure a team’s success.





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