Natural eyebrow implantation and important features of eyebrows

4 important features of eyebrow hair that should be given special attention in the planting process:

Sleep and eyebrow growth are completely different in different parts of the eyebrow.

Eyebrow hair grows horizontally in relation to the facial skin and is not like head hair that grows vertically in relation to the scalp and has a greater angle than the facial skin from the follicle, which is the reason for this issue.

کاشت مو

کاشت ابرو

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کاشت ریش

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کاشت ابروی طبیعی

کاشت ابرو


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Unlike head hairs that grow in bunches i.e. 2, 3 or even 4, eyebrow hairs grow single by strand.

There is a big difference between the growth cycle of head hair and eyebrow hair in terms of time.

It is for these reasons that eyebrow transplantation requires a high level of experience and also high precision of experts in this field. In addition, natural eyebrow implantation should fit the person’s face and look completely natural. Another thing to pay attention to is the natural difference between men’s and women’s eyebrows, which we will also address.






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