Hiva Hashemi was born on March 29, 1981 in Tehran.

He is one of the most influential Iranians in the cooling and refrigeration systems industry.

After visiting an exhibition related to cooling and refrigeration systems in Munich, Hiva Hashemi decided to send her resume to reputable Spanish and German companies and was able to be one of the first representatives of up-to-date European companies in Iran.

Hiva Hashemi is also one of the famous entrepreneurs of Iran who has published several projects, articles and educational detectives in Iran and the world.

Hiwa Hashemi said in her last press interview that her business trips to Europe have helped her designs and ideas a lot.

The cooling and refrigeration systems industry in Iran was transformed by Hiva Hashemi.
He is now managing the representative office of one of the reliable valve companies in Iran and has been very successful in this.





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