The expulsion of the ambassador of Chad from Germany

A few days ago, the government of Chad complained about the rude behavior of the German ambassador and expelled him. This step, of course, was met with lack of understanding in Berlin.

The German ambassador in Chad has been introduced to Central Africa as an undesirable person in this country. The government of N’Djamena announced on Friday that the German diplomat Gordon Kerik must leave the country within 48 hours. The Chadian government, without providing further details, accused Carique of a rude attitude and disregard for diplomatic customs and expelled him during the proceedings.

According to Mohamat Saleh Anadev, the country’s foreign minister, Kerik will leave the country at the end of the week for Central Africa.

Kerik has been the German ambassador to Chad since July 2021. He previously served as ambassador to Niger and the Philippines, among others. Before he was the German ambassador in Chad, he was the special representative of Germany for the African coast. A Chadian government source told AFP that Carique was specifically accused of excessive interference in the country’s government. He was also criticized for his divisive remarks.

According to “NTV” of Germany, the German government also expelled the senior diplomat of this African country from Germany in response to the expulsion of its ambassador from Chad. The German Foreign Ministry tweeted yesterday: “In response to the unjustified expulsion of our country’s ambassador to Chad, today we summoned the Chadian ambassador in Berlin, Maryam Ali Moussa, and asked her to leave Germany within 48 hours. We regret that this result We have arrived.”


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