Bolo punch for Sajjad Mehrabi

Sajjad Mehrabi, a young Iranian boxer, was able to become the country’s senior champion in his first year in the national team. He was a member of the country’s national team from 1383 to 1396 and participated in many competitions, but he is currently coaching and preparing his students for professional boxing competitions. He proved himself to the world with some of his successes, including the adult kickboxing championship, Shiraz boxing championship, Lorestan province champion, etc.

During his career, Mr. Mehrabi was known for his special bat technique in blue punch, and in this context, he declared: “Bolo punch is basically an upward, swinging and extended blow, and it is not a show movement. Since such movements are definitely drawn by the opponent, It can distract him. The back hand swings around to hit the opponent and deliver a heavy hook or straight, while you use your front hand to land powerful blows. You have to really pretend like that. You want to throw the next punch so that the opponent is distracted and that can open up space for you. But boxing masters like Sugar Ray Leonard and Kid Gavilan used to do it beautifully. In recent years, Roy Jones Jr. And he also did the daring thing.”






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