Pike and Shakira’s new dispute over children

Although Gerard Pique and Shakira are officially separated from each other, they are condemned to endure each other forever due to having two children together, and in the meantime, sometimes the disagreement between these two people on the issue of child custody becomes controversial.

This is exactly what has brought a new tension in the relationship between the former defender of Barcelona and his ex-wife.

Due to the court’s decision, although the custody of Pique and Shakira’s two sons has been entrusted to their mother, she is obliged to regularly take them to Spain to meet their father and be with him for a certain period of time.

Apparently, Shakira recently took her two children, Milan and Sasha, to Barcelona to see their father, but she objected to them staying there for five days longer than scheduled to attend their uncle’s wedding.

Gerard Pique’s brother Marc is getting married in 10 days, and Shakira is obliged to leave her two children with their father in Barcelona for 5 days. He, however, apparently does not intend to allow his ex-husband to take Milan and Sasha to his brother’s wedding ceremony, and the reason for them is the presence of Pique’s new fiance in this ceremony.

Last year, Shakira ended her 12-year life together with the former player of the Spanish national team by accusing Pique of betrayal, and since then, the only news that has been published about these two people indicates tension and conflict and differences over family issues and custody issues. He was one of their common children.





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