The scariest teams in the history of European football

In the 2011-2012 season, Real Madrid was able to claim the title of the highest scoring football team in Europe in the 21st century with 121 goals. The team led by Mourinho ended Guardiola’s dominance in La Liga and won the title in Spain.

In that season, Ronaldo became Real Madrid’s best scorer with 60 goals, followed by Benzema with 32 goals, Higuain with 26 goals, Cajon with 13 goals and Kaka with 8 goals.

The interesting thing is that Real Madrid of the 2014-2015 season also won the second title with 118 goals. The team that did not reach any trophy and caused Ancelotti to be fired from the coaching position of this team.

In that season, Ronaldo scored 61 goals and Benzema, James, Gareth Bale and Chicharito were in the next ranks.

Barcelona is in third to sixth place. A team that has scored many goals in different seasons with the brilliant presence of a star like Lionel Messi.

In the seventh and eighth ranks, Real and Barca are again present, so that the French will be in the next ranks.

Paris ranks ninth with 108 goals in 2017-18, and Monaco ranks 10th in 2016-17 with stars like Mbappe and Falcao.


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