Serbians demanded the removal of their president

In continuation of the Serbian protests against the policies and performance of the country’s government, tens of thousands of people in Belgrade held a demonstration demanding the removal of “Alexander Vucic” from the presidency.

On Saturday evening, for the seventh week in a row, protesters against Vucic’s government took to the streets of the capital of Serbia, carrying pictures and mannequins in the shape of the country’s cabinet officials in prison uniforms.

According to the Reuters news agency, tens of thousands of protesters blocked highways and main streets in Belgrade and blamed the Serbian government for promoting a culture of violence that led to the killing of 18 people on May 3 and 4.

The participants in this demonstration, while emphasizing the need to remove Vucic from the presidency, demanded the resignation of Bratislav Gasic, the Minister of the Interior, and Aleksandar Volin, the head of the Serbian Secret Service, due to their inability to destroy criminal gangs in this country.

Earlier, the Minister of Education of Serbia resigned from his position due to the recent shootings in this country; He called the influence of the Internet, computer games and western values among the causes of these shootings.

In the country’s first mass shooting, on May 4th, a 13-year-old boy killed eight students and a guard at the school, and injured six other students and his teacher.

Just one day later, a 21-year-old gunman shot and killed eight others and wounded 14 others. Both shooters surrendered to the police.





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