What are the 3 qualities necessary for a good DJ? Dj.Mt

In order to be a good DJ, it is necessary to have several qualities. The first and main feature is to be up-to-date in the world of music. One day in a music store, I saw a DJ ask the seller to give him songs that were released in the last week because he heard older songs than that! The existence of this feature helps the DJ to offer a new and fresh product and at the same time to be able to put more suitable music next to each other; The topic itself is the introduction of another feature:

Imagine that you are going to prepare a mix of great music in the field of Persian pop. In this case, you should know that you cannot put any singer’s song next to any other singer. For example, the combination of Ehsan Khaja Amiri’s voice with Alireza Assar’s voice is not only interesting, but it may also shock the audience. Of course, putting the songs of a singer together is not the right thing to do. For example, if a mix of Mohsen Chavoshi’s songs is to be produced, it is not very correct to put a song from the album “Myself An Thizdham”, which has classical poems, next to the album “Ye Fkhoi Nilofar” or “Paravi Be Gaigh” which has more of a modern atmosphere. Therefore, having an artistic taste in general and musical taste in particular is another prerequisite for a good DJ.

Dj.Mt is an Iranian musician and DJ, whose real name is Mehran Tabatabaei, born on August 15, 1984.

Of course, both of these cases require that you, as a DJ, have an interest in music and mastery of it. Getting to know the different stages and stages of music, along with familiarity with devices and tools, as well as the art of minimal playing with an organ or keyboard, is one of the main prerequisites for a DJ. Remember that if the DJ is not the author of a piece of music, he is the author of the piece of music.

The work of rich children!

In addition to these things, it is necessary to have tools. In the current market, if someone wants to become a DJ, he must set aside at least ten million tomans. Getting a good mixing system or even using a good laptop, preferably with the Apple brand, which can install DJ software on it, will cost you about four to six million tomans. To have a microphone and headphones, you need to spend about one million, and of course, consider the cost of about three million tomans for your audio band, along with other small expenses such as light dancing or a smoke machine. Therefore, it can be said that being a DJ, although it seems like a low-class job, requires a lot of capital, and people who turn to this job must be from the upper middle class of society.





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