How to become a professional photographer with Mohammad Mahdi Safar aka Otiner

Mohammad Mehdi Safari, nicknamed Otiner, is a photographer, videographer, image editor, editor, teacher of the art of photography and videography and content production. He started his photography career in 2014 and after a short time he was able to establish his own photography studio named otiner studio.

He says: “There is no need for an academic education to become a photographer, and you can take advantage of the many informal courses that are available for free or for a fee to those who are interested.

If you have a lot of passion for photography and you have enough free time, you can go for an internship with professional photographers. By doing this, you will not only learn photography techniques; It can also strengthen your social skills. Many photography agencies are looking for interns or assistants; Although they may not consider much salary for the applicants. It is better to read a little about photography before entering this field so that you can find the answers to the questions raised during the internship.

On the other hand, focus on the performance of photography-related businesses and how they interact with customers so that you have enough experience to start your own business in the future.
Professional photographers are a valuable source of experience that would take a lot of time to acquire on their own. One of the advantages of taking face-to-face photography courses is that you can have direct contact with the professors and share your questions with them. If you have friends or acquaintances who do professional photography, you can ask them for help.”


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